Valves & backflow device testing

Backflow Prevention and Testing Bribie Island

What is Backflow?

Backflow is when water flows back into your pipes bringing with it potentially hazardous and sometimes fatal pathogens and chemicals into your water supply.

There are several potential cross-connections in household plumbing systems that must be protected against backflow. This is done by installing a backflow device and ensuring that it’s working properly by having it tested and certified by a licensed plumber.

Many councils require your backflow devices to be tested annually and the results to be sent to them for reporting. If this is the case for your property we can organise this for you. Please call us on 0424 141 174 to discuss your backflow testing requirements.

Moreton Bay Regional Council Backflow Information

Backflow contamination can have hazardous or even fatal results. It is essential that backflow prevention programs be put in place and maintained on an ongoing basis.

If you live on Bribie Island and require backflow device testing, please call us on 0424 141 174.

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