Hot water replacement

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If you’ve turned on the tap for a nice hot shower only to discover that there’s only a trickle of luke-warm or room temperature water, there’s a good chance your hot water system needs repairing or replacing.

Signs your hot water system may need replacing

Your hot water is no longer ‘hot’ but lukewarm
You may find washing dishes is harder, takes longer than usual or they don’t come out as clean or that you need to use less cold water when having a hot shower.

The system is more than 8-10 years old
Now this isn’t always an indicator but if your Hot Water System is older than 8-10 years there’s a good chance it’s going to play up at some some stage in the next few years.

Rusty water leaking from the hot pipe
We’re talking about the pipe in the side of your hot water unit. This is usually an indicator that there’s a leak somewhere and a fix or replacement is needed.

Strange and wonderful noises
We’ve all come to learn that strange and wonderful noises coming from anything that it’s not supposed to isn’t a great sign – be it the earth, your car, your stomach (your dog's stomach!) and yes… your hot water system.

Leaks or puddles around the system
If you’re seeing visible signs of a leak from the system or worse, constant dampness or puddles around your hot water unit, it won’t be working to its optimum level.

If you’re seeing any of these signs with your hot water system, please give us a call on 0424 141 174 so we can inspect your system and then let you know if repairs or replacement is necessary.

We service and install the following brands

Dux hot water systems

Logo hot water systems

vulcan hot water systems

Rinnai hot water systems

Aquamax hot water systems






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