Garbage disposals

Garbage Disposals Installs & Repairs

Save time in the kitchen - install a garbage disposal unit

If you’re thinking about installing a garbage disposal here’s a few great reasons to consider one:-

  1. Reduce your plastic usage to dispose of food waste
  2. Reduce possibility of food clogging your pipes and sink
  3. Help the environment by reducing waste in landfills

Clean up your kitchen faster

We all know that cleaning up after a beautifully cooked dinner is a pain, right? Most of the time you’re content, full and all you want to do is sit with your family or friends and finish your drink… but alas, you have ‘The Dishes’.

This is the fun killer at any dinner party, the chore at the end of the meal that no-one likes but everyone endures. Scraping congealed food off the plates and into the bin. Rinsing the dishes and scooping up that rainbow coloured, plughole sized pile of plate gunk out the sinkhole. Gross… just gross.

Don’t you think life would be a little bit better, a teeny bit more delightful if your domestic duties were made easier? Of course it would!

Sink Waste Disposal Repairs and Replacement

Bribie Island customers - is your food disposal unit making a weird noise like someone’s put a fork down there? Is the motor not running as well as it used to be? We can help.

Installing a garbage disposal unit in your home can be a huge timesaver and can make keeping your kitchen clean more convenient and easy.

A garbage disposal unit also prevents the sink from clogging because debris is chopped into smaller pieces before it enters the pipes. Allclear Gas & Plumbing can supply and/or install your garbage disposal unit (in-sink-erator).

If you require a kitchen sink disposal plumber in Bribie Island, call us today on 0424 141 174 and we can help you with installing a sink disposal unit for food and waste or repairing one if it’s broken.