Blocked drains

We’ll fix your blocked drains in a jiffy

If your toilet is backing up or gutters are overflowing and you don’t know what to do, don’t worry. We can help.

Blocked Stormwater Drains


Quite often we see stormwater drains get blocked for a range of different reasons. Many times it’s roots from nearby trees getting into the pipes but we also see a lot of external drains or ‘outside drains’ get blocked from leaf matter or other foreign objects (kids balls, small animals... you get the drift.)

To have your stormwater drains cleared call 0424 141 174.

Blocked Toilets

There are many reasons a toilet will get blocked (we’ve talked about blocked toilets in this blog post). Sometimes the evidence is clear (tall trees nearby, old systems) but sometimes we need to really get in there and take a closer look at what’s happening.


Blocked Drain Cameras will give us the chance to see exactly what’s going on in the pipes and get an idea of how difficult or easy the job will be (trust me, we wish they were all easy!). Whilst the use of a drain camera will sometimes cost a little extra up front, it can save A LOT of work down the track.


Blocked Showers

One of the most common causes of blockages in showers and basins is the build up of hair and body fat. (I know, ew right?) Using commercial strength drain acid, we’re able to clear these blockages incredibly quickly and with little disruption to your family routine.

If this doesn’t shift a blockage in your shower or bathroom we can use our blocked drain camera to inspect the pipes and see what’s going on and get it working again.

Handy Tip -
Here’s a tip to help you save some money. If a site needs to be excavated you can speed up the process by getting down and dirty, picking up a shovel and preparing the site for us. (Or if you can’t get a hubby, friend or teenager who wants to earn some extra bucks.)

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