How living near the beach can affect plumbing & what you can do about it

There’s no doubt about it – Bribie Island offers pretty much everything in the way of lifestyle. We have beach and bush, a calm side and a surfside, great fishing, swimming, bushwalks, beautiful parks, the Bribie Island Seaside Museum, beach 4wdriving, dog-friendly beaches and some of the best fish and chips this side of the equator. What more could you ask for?

Even though our little patch of paradise is somewhere that many people would love to live (let’s face it – Bongaree, Woorim, Bellara and Banksia Beach are some of the nicest places you could ever live!) we still need to be aware that we’re living in close proximity to the beach, and with that comes some additional things you may need to be on the lookout for in terms of plumbing.

Living close to salt water and the beach isn’t detrimental to your plumbing, but you may notice you have some additional issues that people who don’t live near the ocean don’t ever have to think about. Let’s go over some of these. 

Sand Everywhere!

Living near the beach certainly has its benefits. Cool swims in the summer and long walks at sunset never get old but one thing that’s always going to be everywhere is sand. This includes in your home and possibly in your pipes if you’re not careful. 

Sand in your pipes 

One of the things you’re going to have to watch is sand clogging up your pipes, particularly in your shower and bath as this is typically where most people will head after a trip to the beach. If you’re noticing that your pipes are draining slower than usual, it’s possible you may have a build up of sand in your pipes and may need us to clear your pipes. Below are some handy tips on how to avoid getting the sand in your home in the first place :-)

How to avoid getting sand in your home

  • Install an outdoor shower (we can help with this)
  • Have a pair of indoor AND outdoor thongs
  • Buy an extra long doormat or runner
  • Keep a paintbrush near the entrance to brush sand off
  • Shoes off at the door!
  • If you have small children, pets or both, just give up the fight now!


As great as it is to live near the beach and close to salt water, it can do damage on pipes. Pipe corrosion can be a big issue if it goes unchecked and can cause leaks and additional damage to your home if you’re not careful. If you notice that your pipes are flaking or are becoming brittle, this is a sure-fire sign that they’re starting to corrode. 

If the water coming out of your pipes has a reddish or brown tint (on a regular basis) then stainless steel or iron pipes in your home may have been subject to corrosion.  
MoistureWhen you live next to the ocean you’re always going to have a certain amount of moisture in the air – it comes with the territory. If you have a patio or deck that gets close to the ocean you may want to make sure to check it regularly for damp or moisture damage, particularly given that Bribie Island has a groundwater system. 

These are a few of the areas you need to be aware of when living – not only on Bribie Island, but anywhere near the beach or salt water. If you need a reliable Bribie Island plumber, please feel free to give me a call (Des) on 0424 141 174.

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