7 surprising ways to use your dishwasher

We’ve all thought it at some time and it goes a little like this. “Geesh this is dirty… it’s going to be a pain to wash… I wonder if I could put it in the dishwasher?”

Even though we’ve thought it, most of the time we think to ourselves “don’t be silly” and continue filling up the sink or tub and get on with the cleaning job at hand. Well, I’ve written this article to tell you about some of the more unorthodox things I’ve seen and heard a dishwasher being used for.

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Things you can wash in a dishwasher



This is just brilliant! The first time I heard of this I thought to myself “why didn’t I think of that?” Simply put your unwashed potatoes into the dishwasher, make sure it’s on a cold and quick setting, and let it run. Then your 5kg bag of unwashed potatoes are now clean, sparkly and ready to use!

Cooking steamed fish

I don’t know how I feel about this one. When I was replacing a dishwasher this lady told me that she often uses her dishwasher to steam fish. She told me if you wrap up your fish (tightly) in foil and put it in your dishwasher for around 20 minutes it comes out perfect.

Whilst I’m sure that the fish will be cooked and might even be tasty… I can’t help but think that the dishwasher will smell of fish for a while afterwards and that will get into your plastics and other porous items. Fish coffee anyone?

The shelves of your fridge

I think this is a great idea. Rather than getting everything out of your fridge and scrubbing down everything as quickly as you can, take out a shelf at a time and put them in the dishwasher. This way you won’t have to take everything out of your fridge and and you get sparkling clean shelves without the hassle of cleaning ‘in the fridge’.

Oven knobs and stove top knobs

If you’ve ever tried to clean these by hand you’ll understand that getting into the little grooves and crevices of these things is almost nigh on impossible. Whack them in the dishwasher (usually I put mine in the cutlery container) and you will have bright and shiny oven knobs in no time!

Kids Toys

Now I’m not saying put your kids Pillow Pet or Xbox in there (although I’m sure some parents would love to put the Xbox in there – especially when the kids don’t listen to you!), I’m talking about plastic toys like army men, rubber ducks and Lego. You’ll be surprised at how dirty these toys get and it’s only until they’re clean and bright again that you realise just how filthy they were.

Air Conditioning Vents

Many of us tend to vacuum these filters to get all the dust and grime out of them. I’ve even tried washing them in the sink but that’s a dirty and difficult job. If you really want to make them as clean as possible putting them in the dishwasher is a great option.

It will get rid of the grot, grime and dust that builds up in them and have them filtering your air cleanly in no time.

Sports Gear

If you have kids that play sport the dishwasher is a handy tool to clean items like shin guards, wrist guards, baseball caps, etc. I wouldn’t want to try and add leather gloves or anything like that, but anything that’s predominantly plastic will come out sparkling.

With all of these interesting and varied uses of dishwashers, it’s almost worth looking for a dishwashing plumber in Bribie Island to come out and install one for you! Guess what? We can help you with that.

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